My first edge lit creation

Nice job! Acrylic is so much fun!

So I made 20 or so of these this Christmas for all of our nieces and nephews and some of their parents as well. Many of which I also purchased from 3 Bee Studio. To your point about making the bottom catch less light, I tinkered a bit and ended up applying a gradient of 159, 159, 159 through 255, 255, 255 then rasterizing that (since the the app can’t handle vector gradients at this time) and doing a Varied Power engrave at 1000/100/340. It definitely made quite a bit of difference. Second, I found that leaving some space between the base and the design really helps. 0.5" - 1.0" seemed to be a sweet spot. And then I also found that some of their designs didn’t really fan out from the base as far as they could, so after making the design and base insert the right size, I sometimes had to re-create the cut lines going from the base to the design so it would transmit as much light as possible. I’ve found you can go about 1x the slot width on either side (so 3x the slot width at the widest point) and still grab decent light.

Hope that helps to give you some ideas!