My first Laser tile

Finally have a day to play with the Glowforge, got out some of my stashed material and did one test run.
A few minutes in Affenity Photo, a 6"x 6" Laser Tile in the Glowforge, set it to dot pattern, hit the print button and 36 minutes later. Next time I am going to turn the power down even more.


Wait, what? That’s the actual finished tile? Amazing!

Also, nice kitty!


Whoa! I thought that was the original photo, the quality is so good. Very, very nice!


That came out beautifully!


: jaw_drops_to_floor :


I thought it was the photo too! Perfect! :grinning:


WOW! That came out incredible!
Can you share what kind of tile you used and the settings?

I have an urn box on my to-do list :-(, and this was exactly one of the things I was going to do when my forge arrives.


Laser tile = very nice.



That’s fantastic!


That is where I bought a sample pack of the tile I used in the project today. (two years ago)
I will say, I am happy I bought them.
I will be testing another tile in a few minutes, it goes as well as the first one and I will be buying another box of tiles and plan to make a lot of Christmas gifts using them.


Incredible detail! I too thought that was the original photo.


Thanks for the pointer. Not sure they’re still actively in business though, their web site seems to be suffering from fatal neglect. Dog-slow, links that lead nowhere, a certificate name mismatch on checkout, and the icing on the cake: “Sorry, it seems that there are no available payment methods for your state. Please contact us if you require assistance or wish to make alternate arrangements.”

I’ve got some cermark tile spray on order, so I although I was ready to give lasertile a bunch of money, I’m not tremendously inconvenienced by their preventing me from doing so.

Edit: yeah, they’ve obviously gone out of business, I e-mailed from their contact page and it bounced. Too bad, it looked like a cool product.


Their Facebook page hasn’t been updated with posts since end of November 2016, but they also reference a contact email address of, but I haven’t tried contacting them with it.

Also, they seem to own I’m not sure why they’d bother to use if they had the .com address as well, but I’ll chalk that up to anti-domain squatting.

Edit: Judging from this thread, I’m not holding out any hope the extra information will help much, though.

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I just tried to send an email, it was returned as not active.
Have spent about thirty minutes searching and cannot find another supplier.
If I knew the tiles were going to work this well, I would have purchased a couple of boxes two years ago.
Hope I can find a new supplier, if I cannot find a new source for the tiles, maybe @dan could one day add them to the store.


Thanks Jules, the link works, I sent an email to the contact this morning and it was returned

“Final-recipient: rfc822;
Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 550 No Such User Here”

Man I hope I can locate another supplier. I will buy several boxes have me a major stockpile of tiles.

Found a patent describing how to make the magic ceramic glaze. And the patent has expired. So if anyone wants to mix some up from the recipe given you’re in the clear.


Yeah, I saw that when I tried to put something into the cart so I deleted the post. Bummer! :confused:

I’m not sure anyone has mentioned it, but LaserSketch ( does carry laser tiles. Their site seems to indicate “dealers only”, but I gave them a call and placed an order. I ordered a few tiles and agate slices. The tiles worked very well, have not tried the agate yet. Prices were fairly steep, so will not be using their stuff in place of draftboard anytime soon.


Their ‘dealers only’ link includes descriptors that would certainly fit any Glowforge owner.


Probably have to order a few for samples for the store. Dang it. More stuff to laser.