My first Laser tile



Gave one of those laser tiles a chance this evening. Just over a minute later, with 500 speed and 50 power for a score, it was finished.


Good day – First time poster here.

I was wondering if anyone had received any recent orders from I placed an order on January 12th which still in a “processing” state.

As has been mentioned in this thread, this company is very difficult to contact. In fact, their only contact seems to be a dysfunctional email address (which I suspect contains a typo).

I’ve attempted to email them and eventually found a number on their facebook page. I’ve left “Danny” about 5 messages now over a span of a week and have yet to get a call back.

To further the mystery, I saw reference to a " Salem Trophy Company in Salem, OR" who apparently was affiliated in some way with LaserTile. When calling their number, they stated that these tiles haven’t been sold in years.

So perhaps no-one bothered to shut down the web page (which still lists these for sale at this moment). It certainly still works as far as charging my credit card :).

So, has anyone recently ordered and received this product?

If not, are there any alternatives out there?

Thank you!


i ordered december 30, received my box last week. so if you ordered 1/12, you may be 10 days or so away from receiving it.

they’re not fast.


Thank you – Its good to know that these are still being sold. Too bad that they’re so hard to get in touch with.

Thanks for setting my mind at ease. I’ll update when I receive my order so we can see if the lead times are consistent.


I ordered early December, and had a similar wait. Not fast at all. They also came in 2 different boxes, several days apart.


I have ordered and received tiles from them 3 times and yes, they are notorious for poor communication. I reached Danny by email successfully at this address; He most likely won’t call you back. He responded to my email in fairly good time…and was each time apologetic about the slow delivery time. Also, they send an email stating that ‘this order is complete’…but no other info. like a tracking number or estimated date of delivery. The delivery time itself is excruciatingly slow, so hang in there. I have not once NOT received what I ordered. This company is only about 45 min. away from me in Portland, so not like in China or something.


sounds like a great option for proofgrade.


Thanks @curt, @Xabbess for the replies. Its very helpful to know the expected delivery timeframes and having a working contact email is great. Much appreciated.


This looks amazing! What did you use to color it?


That is the tile straight from the laser, it is from


That is great, thanks for sending the link!


Ok, so I got the laser tiles in today, and on my first test, a photo, I got the vertical banding that @chris1 had in his photo. Did you figure that out Chris?
I used the settings that @shop dialed in for his great job of the musicians - 1000/65/450 -vary power.


I haven’t actually tried it again. Hoping you’ll figure it out and then tell us the answer. :slight_smile:


There’s my kitty! Thanks John for the awesome gift.


You are very welcome.
Now that I have a house again I will be setting up the Glowforge in a couple weeks and start making stuff again.