My first piece of art created on the GF


The market for art is very different in different cities. If I was in Toronto or Montreal, I could ask more than here in Ottawa. I’m sure the New York’s and London’s of the world are even better.

But I have to start somewhere.


Your work rocks. It is a totally amazing piece. You’ve got a few of us feeling slightly inadequate.


You might be surprised. Don’t go below 10K. :wink:


Wow, just wow! This is jaw-droppingly good… how did I miss this post. I’m with @jules on this, don’t go below $10k and see what happens. Honestly, I’d be throwing the images on Pinterest and see if you get approached by a gallery in a city somewhere. Or, send some photos around to big galleries in arty cities and see what they’ll offer you, because this really is spectacular!


$3000 is not enough. Should be more than $5000. Put it in a gallery in Laguna Beach for $8750 and it will sell over a weekend.


Made me think of this exhibit on parallax and architecture.


I think that bar may be out of sight, now.


You’re speechless? I think you left everyone here in that way. It’s sort of nosy on our parts, but I hope you will share with us when it sells…there may be some wagers going on here. Wishing you the very best!


Veering off track slightly and only momentarily…but, @jrnelson…you’ve changed!

32 AM


Gorgeous!! That’s an amazing use of the Glowforge. Let us know how it is received at the gallery!


So, were each of the buildings done separately or were several designed/cut from a single sheet of baltic birch? I suspect that they were separately fashioned to ease the ability to create the 3d effect and to stain/finish. And I love the wooden track looking circular element. What a design!!!

I can only imagine (much less never create) the string of design permutations that will emerge from your workshop … no make that STUDIO.

Wow once again … and thanks for sharing. :glowforge::sunglasses:


Some of the layers were done with multiple buildings in one piece, and some of the layers are all individual buildings.


Myself and two co-workers just spent 20 minutes (on the clock) drooling over the detail in these photos. Spectacular!


Really Great Piece!


Absolutely amazing piece! You might have already answered this, but how are you planning on displaying it at the gallery?


Dude… That’s gorgeous!
Very nice work!


As an artist…no offense, but thats a bit of an insult. People pay alot of money for good art…this fits into that category.
Just because there are cheap people, there is no need to lower your value to please everyone.


You know, I admit I don’t know how galleries, or even other artists, price their work. But given the number of hours poured into that piece, I would have thought the price should be more along the lines of $7,500 - $10,000.


$2500-$3000 would literally be stealing from you. Especially given the commission most galleries take. I agree this is $10k minimum.


Woah! That’s amazing. I feel like I’ve seen an older, rougher iteration of this from you in the past. The finished product is fantastic.