My first piece of art created on the GF






This is stunning. Nicely executed!


I hope this gets picked up on some of the usual sites like hack-a-day or Make. This is a killer piece. I hope it launches a thousand purchases. @polarbrainfreeze was one of the first makers on the site that I got to see work by and was and is a inspiration. thanks so, so much for sharing this.


So many sites that should pick it up. Core 77 comes to mind.


The details…amazing! :clap::clap::clap:


Truly Wonderful!


Just WOW. Truly amazing and inspiring.




That is amazing! I want it, I want it!!!


Freakin’ Tanfastic! I thought it was small but then WHAMO! The last pic made me wee a little, good job mate!


This reminded me of UP.
24 AM


Uhh… I made a coaster as my first project…


:astonished: I am blown away!! I remember when you first started talking about this project. It turned out fricking amazing!! I never imagined the finished project with that detail. And the size…just wow.:heart_eyes:


Blockquote This is amazing. Some of those look like real buildings/structures

Some are “inspired” by real buildings. I have a whole pinterest board filled with skyscrapers. ( I often look there when I need to draw a new one. I usually look at a building, then go and draw it from memory. So they are never exact.

But some are just straight out of my head as well.

When you’re drawing 100s buildings, you take your inspiration where you can.


To be honest, I have not priced it out yet. I have to talk to the gallery owner first. This is a very different medium than what they already have. So I’m not sure how they will react. I’m guessing it will be priced between $2500 and $3000. But I may be way off.


I’m going to guess between 25 thousand and 35 thousand…dude - you need to value that up or the gallery is going to profit hugely on all of your hard work.


It’s all just Baltic Birch plywood, with a lot of different stains. I contemplated using different woods, but the price to do so is prohibitive at this point. Perhaps if I sell a few of these, I might start to use solid woods of different species.


I have not transported it yet. But I’m building a special “box” to transport it in. It’s essentially sandwiched between 2 4x4 boards of mdf. Hopefully it will survive transportation.


I’m grinning ear to ear!

I posted this yesterday and then went away for a while. I’m on vacation this week, and I’m not glued to my computer like I usually am.

This morning I open it and there are a boatload of posts I had not read yet. And they all really positive!

You guys rock! Thanks for all the kind words. I’m speechless.