My first test project!

Here is my first test project with my brand new Glowforge! My business card in wood. Came out awesome. I will have to try this etched on stainless steel too.BusinessCardWood


Turned out great!

Very nice! :sunglasses:

You may run into some challenges with etching SS. As far as I know, the GF won’t cut or etch SS – you can mark it if you first treat it with a product called Cermark (there’s a cheaper DIY workaround using moly lube). Anodized aluminium, on the other hand, works a treat! Best of luck – can’t wait to see what else you make.


So what has influenced your art style?

Just visited your website.

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Are there settings from the Anodized Aluminum on our Glowforge? I ordered some but don’t know where to start.

Not in the PG settings, but here’s a post from earlier in the year with some examples. The power and speed settings have changed since – I’ll dig up my notes on more recent adventures…

Ah, they were buried at the bottom of that thread…

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Everything from nature and architecture to TV and comic books.

My friend did it quite successfuflly. Will have to check back to see what he told me to use for a cheap etching fluid.

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Here’s the post you’re thinking of, @bruce3 : Etched Polished Stainless Steel Test

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Welcome - can’t wait to see what sort of projects you come up with using your Glowforge!

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