My forever machine


My forever machine is coming! I just got the email! I am super excited!


SWEEET!! Congrats!!


Just got mine too! Hopefully there was nothing onerous in the agreement because I only read the first couple of words before hitting “I agree”.


Yahooo! Congrats, folks!


haha I did the same thing!


How many is that now? Are you both on the spreadsheet?


I have no idea, I didn’t look.
I am in the North Bay area of California, so I am wondering how fast it will arrive!


It has been taking around 2 weeks to get shipping notifications and since it isn’t going to far your shipping should only be a day or two.


Congrats guys! :grin:


Thanks Jules! This machine is going to be so much better with your tutorials!


Everyone did 'em…I just loaded….(and did a fair amount of whip wielding…truth be told.) :wink:


Boom Shakalaka!


Well, thank everyone for me! I will do my best to share my projects and maybe help with tutorials or something!


Woooo hooooo!! Congrats!




Congrats!!! :fireworks: :balloon: :confetti_ball:




Congratulations! That’s awesome!


Now I am thinking of the logistics of actually having the machine. I have the room for it, and a window to vent out of… The worry is that the noise and exhaust will be too much for my apartment. I may pick one of these up to reduce noise. Anyone think this is a good idea?


don’t buy it until your laser arrives.

more to the point, i’m not sure what you’re trying to accomplish - is it the vent noise outside that you’re afraid of? unless you’re venting literally right next to someone’s balcony, you might be surprised at the relative volume outside.