My friend wants to Uncancel



If you cancelled your payment after a year and a half, have not received the refund yet, and would like to uncancel, can you do that? Asking for a friend.


Your friend should IMMEDIATELY contact and explain they’ve made a terrible mistake. Not sure if it’ll happen though.


Only can address refunds and canceling.


In addition to what the others have said, I’d just point out that not receiving the refund doesn’t mean it hasnt been issued. Just in case glowforge says it’s already processed on their end and they cant reverse it - they likely are being honest. A lot of the time spent waiting to receive it on our side is delays with our banks and payment processors.


Yeah, I wonder what the story is behind not getting their actual money for a year and a half


That’s not what was said… They canceled after a year and a half.


My reading comprehension is obviously way off today! I knew the GF crew is pretty good with getting refunds for people. Was thinking it was in some sort of banking limbo :stuck_out_tongue:


If a bank did that, I’d say it moved from limbo straight to hell. :wink: