My Glow forge stopped working. Problem with calibration. Please help

Hi. I am having problems with printing. I received my Glowforge last week. I followed all of the directions I found through Glowforge and the forums. I was able to print a couple of projects successfully but now I am having this issue with calibration. After the 8th or 9th print I get the weird sound. When I turn it on the print head goes from the top left corner and when it reaches the lower right corner it looks like it wants to keep going moving towards the right but it can’t because there is no more room to keep going. It makes a weird sound as if it is forcing itself to keep going right. I have clean the machine, clean the lenses, turn on and off the machine several times. Also I have tried the reset by holding the button for 20 seconds until the button changes color. You will be able to see what I am talking about by clicking the youtube above. The video was too big to be sent you by email. I had to upload it to you tube.
This is the link to it:

Please advise on what should I do next in order to get my Glowforge to work again.

Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried turning it off, repositioning the laser head under the camera and then turning it back on?

Yes I have. several times. I gently position the arm in the middle and the print head in the middle right under the camera and when I turn it on it does it again.

Perhaps there is gunk on the camera lens so the camera can’t see the finial (Glowforge logo on top of the head) like it is expecting.

Strange though that it seems like it sees it in the upper left ok, but then it loses it.

Or maybe to camera looking at the top of the glowforge symbol is dirty. I use a zeiss wipe to clean both lens and the glowforge symbol once in a while due to dirt buildup…

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I was think that the lens may need to be cleaned as well or if one of the cables might be loose so it is not getting connectivity to the camera to see. Either way support will help you out. Might be later today but be patient they will respond.

Perhaps try without the material in the machine and then put it in after if it manages to calibrate.

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Support will get to you, but there seems to be a communication problem. Either a WIFI connection problem or some reason the server can’t see the head. The machine is receiving instruction on where to move so it would seem that WIFI isn’t the problem. Make sure the camera lens is clean, try it without material on the bed as Palmer suggested, and position the head under the camera before you turn it on.

During calibration at startup the server looks for the head. It will send instructions to move the head a specified amount based on where it thinks it is, and the camera images the bed and sends that information by wifi to the server. the server will respond with further instructions and the head will move again, and send another image to the server. That’s the reason for the pause, the communication back and forth. it’s also the reason a solid WIFI connection is required.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.