My Glowforge engraves and cuts but doesn't cut all the way thru? WHY?

When i cut or engrave the laser fires and engnaves perfectly fine however the cut does not go all the way thru. we have cleaned our machine from top to bottom…help

Follow the instructions on the support pages, including printing the Gift of Good Measure and sending info and pics to them. They may be able to make some adjustments, but if not, it could mean either your tube or power supply are failing and the machine will have to be replaced.

My tube is finally failing after 5+ years. I am having to use 130 speed for many cuts now that used to work fine at the default 185 or so (Pro, mostly FULL power)…


What material are you using? If it isn’t Proofgrade, how did you arrive at the settings you are using? If it is Proofgrade, make sure it is held flat to the honeycomb tray and optics and fans are clean.


Discovered its my wood i am using …when i try proofgrade it works fine. So on the other wood i am using 2 passes until i get some new wood in… Thanks


Yeah… You always just need to dial in new materials. Heck, sometimes the same material from the same company isn’t exactly the same. :slight_smile:

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I always run a small, standard test, no matter the material. It’s become increasingly important now my tube is on the way out. Even from one day to the next using the same material, I am gradually having to slow it down…

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