My GlowForge Freezes during a cut

My unit was cutting for about an hour. while performing its final cuts, the unit stops cutting. the laser was off and the arm stopped moving, but the fans and lights were still running. it happened twice with 2 different projects. the first occurrence, it remained frozen for more than 4 hours. it never restarted. the second time, i was in the room when it froze. i waited for more than 30 minutes hoping it was buffering or something, but it never restarted. Has anyone had this issue?

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If you have a Basic machine you’ll want to watch the temperature range…the machine will pause if the unit starts to get too warm, and it can take several hours for the tube to cool off enough to restart if the room is warm. (That’s a safety feature designed into the machine to protect the tube.) If that happens, you might see a “Cooling” notice next to the Print button on the app screen.

There are some suggestions for cooling things off here:

(Unfortunately, opening the lid will kill the print, so I’d start with aiming a fan at the outside on the right first. Or if you can modify your design to take it in sections with different colors, and give the machine about ten minutes to cool between sections with the lid open, you might wind up spending less time overall waiting.)


I have the pro model, but it is sitting at a window that has direct light coming through the blinds. i will try moving it and adding a fan to the outside. thanks

What Jules said. I think I am currently having similar issues, but I am definitely not getting the “cooling” message, just a stopped printer.

I haven’t left mine for hours, but I’ve not seen it restart in 30 minutes.

I’m so sorry to hear you hit a snag.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.