My glowforge is acting up AGAIN

ive been trying to get help from support.
but i dont know what going on.
as i stated previously from day one.
my glowforge has been acting up.
it arrived with liquid all inside the machine and all inside the packageing of the box
i sent over pictures but i never got any response nor help

i honestly think cause of that. till today im not able to get a perfect cut
no matter if im using glowforge proof material or none proof
its one issue to another.

What specifically is the issue now? Is it not cutting all the way through?

(If not, you will want to Print the Gift of Good Measure on Proofgrade material, then show a picture of the front and the back of that cut, if it does not cut all the way through. Tell the support team the time and date of that cut so that they can check the logs for your machine.)

While you are waiting, pull that information for them so they can start diagnosing the trouble without having to ask for it again.

I can’t tell from your post what problem you are having. Can you possibly be more specific?

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