My glowforge is displaying a solid amber light. What does that mean and how do I resolve it?

My glowforge is displaying a solid amber light and stays on focusing…Ive checked all my connections and they seem fine…thanks

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A solid yellow light is often associated with the white ribbon cable not being securely clicked into the printhead, but you state your connections are secure. What is the temperature in the room with your Glowforge? How old is the Glowforge?


The temp is 60 degrees

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Have you been successfully using the machine before this behavior began? How old is the machine, and has it been stored in the proper operating environment?


Yes….i used it 2 days ago

I have it in my office where its not humid, hot or cold…its just right

I got it in 2020 i believe

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Check along the length of the white ribbon cable for crimps, tears or exposed copper. If that cable is damaged, it will prevent proper communication with the print head, and this turns the button yellow. If the cable looks good, the print head itself may have gone bad in some way. Often customer support can help narrow it down using the logs from your machine, so be sure to contact them.



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Also may sure it is seated properly and hasn’t come loose, especially if you cleaned it since the last successful operation.


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