My glowforge isnt printing. when I command print it starts countdown and then say cooling down

cooling down is all I get when I issue a print command on my glowforge pro
Please help me out

Support might be able to look at your logs, but the forum members would need far more info as to the steps you have taken and a look at your file. Have you tried printing the Gift of Good Measure? That is almost always the first thing to do when troubleshooting. It eliminates your file and user implemented settings as the problem.

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There are sensors that measure the temp that pass through the white ribbon, and it is possible that the connection across that clip can be even slightly off. It is worth it to turn the machine off and check each side of the clip and post photos to eliminate that possibility.

Hello @henryasante45 I saw that you had an email ticket opened so I went ahead and responded to that. To mitigate any confusion I will go ahead and close out this forum post. I look forward to hearing back from you in the email I sent over. Thank you!