My glowforge keeps saying "cooling down"

Glowforge keeps saying “cooling down” before it even starts to cut.
I have checked the exhaust fan, not clogged but I did clean it as much as possible with a dust can.
I’ve shut it down for an hour and turned it back on. Ive checked for any obstruction. All sides and areas where the machine sits is clear. I’ve checked the vent hose, no obstruction.

Please advise on what else could be the issue.

Welcome to the community. What is the temperature in the room? What is the ambient temperature inside the Glowforge itself? Is the start button glowing yellow?


Thank you for responding. Its 84 degrees. not sure of the temp inside the Glowforge. No the button is not glowing yellow.

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Could be too humid for the machine, is it just hot or is it a wet heat?


The Glowforge itself is not hot. I guess I’ll go with it being too hot in the room.


84 is way too hot. The Pro maxes out at 80 and the Plus/Basic at 75. They are NOT kidding about that. I’ve been able to cheat a couple degrees by pointing a fan set on high at the left side in a pinch. But operating it so near to max isn’t great and likely shortens my GFs tube life.


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