My Glowforge may have a defect

I got my glowforge a few weeks ago and haven’t printed much of anything. After I got a few orders on my Etsy store, my machine won’t work when turned on. Machine gets stuck on calibration. Sometimes I get a bump error and sometimes the head moves to the center but then shifts off from the lid camera. I had a technician help me once. After several hours disassembling the carriage plate and putting it back, I got it to work and printed a few stuff. Next day same issue came back. I have tried everything but machine still won’t work. Haven’t made a dime from my Glowforge Plus. Really frustrating at this point.

@obiriyeboah I see that you have a new post and that we’re in contact by email, and I still wanted to pop in to say that I’m sorry this got closed mistakenly without a comment!