My glowforge pro doesn't cut anything!


I bought my Glowforge pro, because I was a lot of good recommendations about cutting leather well. I open my small leather company in Sweden and invested quite a lot in leather and also in this machine. I have my glowforge 1.5 year ago.

I had a lot of passion to a try different vegetable tanned leather from all around the world cut in glowforge. But sadly it doesn’t work well to cut my leather. When I’m using standard settings for the leather, it doesn’t cut through. Or if I’m trying to put more hard cut, and more times then it’s burning leather. I had try different settings with a different thicknes of leather.

I send messages to technical support service of your company and they are doesn’t help me with my problems. So I lose my passion to cut leather in glowforge.

Then I try to cut plywood 3 mm in this one. 20 times with different settings ( slow, quickly, …) But same problems continue with the wood too. It takes a lot of time to cut, it’s burning of doesn’t cut through.
Saturday and Sunday i try cut from 13.00 to 23.30. Doesn’t work.

2 week ago I cut acrylic 1 square meter . I didn’t holder for my leather goods. It’s take to cut 5 hours. Very slow. It’s stop all the time to cool down, ( I bought filter us well) then continue to cut.

Everything what I try to cut with glowforge it doesn’t work well. And acrylic very long time. How can I make money in this machine. It’s doesn’t make any profits for my company. How you can help with it, 1.5 year it’s just waste of money and time. I’m tired from this machine.

I don’t understand what makes this glowforge.

Go to and cut one of these on a piece of proofgrade material:

Post pictures of the front and back here.


Oh no, I’m sorry for the trouble @ivanovh591.

I see we’re working with you via email, so I’m going to close this post to simplify our communication.