My glowforge pro lights won’t work the board where the light glat canle connects make a spark and looks like burned

Sorry. Nothing any of us other users can do to help. Send the photo to Glowforge support.


Too bad. Likely a result of the connection being pulled out with the power on, or moisture in the connection from cleaning. You aren’t the first.


Your Glowforge will not work until that circuit board is replaced, and it’s not a part they offer for a DIY fix. You’ll be sending this machine back to the company. Use the support link at the top of the page to open a ticket.


I am having this same issue. Can you please tell me your outcome I am desperate, I’ve contacted Glowforge and there’s still no response from anyone.

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I’ll keep you posted

Could be moisture.

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The glowforge works perfect I can still printing, but without the lights is very hard to see the material

Mines turns on, but the printer head won’t move. This happened after changing the Lid cables. Has Glowforge gotten back to you? Its been more than 24 hours and nothing.

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