My horrible experience should be a caution if you are waiting

I posted about my devastation when my Glowforge showed up shattered on the UPS van floor yesterday. I planned my whole holiday around this long awaited arrival. After crying and some choice swear words and a night of sleep I wanted to post again since it was locked for whatever reason.

This was the UPS driver’s fault and no one elses. The fact is that it was fine until it was put on a truck, driven around all day and came to me when the truck was mostly empty… Boxes all over the floor. My Glowforge was obviously no acception.

*If you are receiving your laser before Christmas I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you sign up for My Choice and opt to pick it up. These are seasonal workers that have about half an idea what they at doing delivering in some cases. Obviously the less moving of your box the better. I wish I had… Obviously. *

*Let this also be a fair warning to those thinking of skipping around waiting on international shipping… If it gets to the states safe, but gets to you like this is going to be out of Glowforge’s ability to replace it and you might get your money back through insurance but you can’t replace the forge with that…and I’m not sure that the warranty would cover this *

The only suggestion I might make to Glowforge is that they use the blank sides of the box to have more huge warnings about its fragility or value even done with humor so dippydoos like this guy may take more care.


You can hear what a mad owner and a very very expensive rain stick in a box sound like here. UPS commented within an hour of my posting it.


Useful warning. I think shipping damage has been pretty rare, but when it happens it’s a horrible result.


And there’s the dolly wheel bending the corner of another box.

I rarely ever let the truck deliver my package, they often leave it on the porch if I’m not home.


Ha that is broken as well. I am on holiday at the moment so when I got a notification of a delivery by UPS that needed a signature I opted to hold it for later delivery. Next day they said they had delivered it, proof of delivery said “in the mail box”. We don’t have one, just a letterbox, so my wife phoned a neighbour to see if they had left it on the doormat. No sign of it so I have no idea where they delivered it.

Fortunately it is just 3m of wire worth £2.50. Perhaps they posted it through the letter box but it said the package weighed 0.8kg. Farnell have a habit of using ridiculously large boxes for tiny things.

I actually ordered 5m of this wire about two months ago, they sent 2m and said the rest would follow. 2m + 3m is not really the same as 5m.


I’m hoping when I get home that mine is OK. I wasn’t there to receive it, and there is some damage to the box. The photos I have of it look like the gantry is in the right spot, and I had my girlfriend open the bag and feel inside for liquid. I’m hoping to be good to go, it will be a bummer to have it and not use it over the weekend.

What happened to you is super sucky.


Sending positive vibes. I’m sure it’s fine! :heartpulse:


Sadly this is not true. UPS drivers are never seasonal. The wait-list to become a driver is several years long. (When I worked there the wait was about 5 years).

No, sadly this is a seasoned, vetted, long-term employee of UPS… if he told you otherwise, I would bet that he lied so you wouldn’t raise too much of an issue. Ideally you got his name and called the local UPS distribution center to complain about his handling of your Glowforge. Seasonal or not, there is no excuse for this.


When the email got sent, I logged into UPS, and immediately put a hold at my local sortie. I don’t trust these guys with my delicate electronic parts, no way I’m trusting them with a $7,000 piece of equipment. Not a chance. Bad enough they had to have it for most of the trip, but the drivers are NOT good.

Picked mine up without incident first thing in the morning when they opened. No waiting, no muss, no fuss.


Glad hold worked for you. This is how a UPS My Choice hold goes in the UK.




AND they are now threatening to go on STRIKE during the holiday delivery time frame (end of Nov to Christmas). Just classy.

Yeah. How dare they put severe cuts to their health care package over our Black Friday haul!


I just love how they state a MASSIVE cut, but refuse to disclose what is considered massive.

Considering it is the aircraft division (mechanics primarily) that plan on striking, when their annual average total compensation package is $140,000 I don’t find them hurting to cover their potential increase of maintaining their personal healthcare responsibilities.

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Even if they gave a number, it’d probably be an over-estimated total of cost for all the employees so it’d be a huge number anyway.

And I was in a panic about a Shockwatch that was triggered on my pre-release. Thanks for contributing to the narrative. I hope sharing your pain helps. I’m sure you will get a replacement soon, but not having it for the Thanksgiving weekend is a big letdown!


That is so sad. I hope your replacement arrives soon and intact.

I am reminded to be thankful of how few incidents I have had, given how many packages I get delivered.


Omg that sucks! You aren’t the only person I’ve heard that from either!

Social media works people. (I posted that video on YouTube amd referred to it in my email) I emailed UPS at the help email and i got this early today. Melissa,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We definitely value your time and your business. I sincerely apologize that you received a less-than-satisfactory experience with our company. I have reached out to the shipper to inform them that I am happy to discuss the cost of reshipping the item a faster services. Unfortunately, they were out of the office. I left a voicemail and informed them to contact me via phone or email with the new tracking number going a faster service. I will attempt to contact them again on 11/27/2017. I am truly sorry your product was damaged. I hope you allow us the opportunity to reestablish your confidence and trust in us.


Jenae L.
UPS Social Media Team


Understatement if I’ve ever heard one.


Hi Melissa,

I read your horrible story and hope everything is solved soon, please let us know how all the handling of insurance, replacement and so on went.

BUT, there is something that isn’t completely clear to me what you wrote here:

I have no idea what so ever what you mean by this. Could you please rephrase that and explain what you mean instead of just writing down discouraging words for “internationals”.

Please clarify, hope to hear from you soon.
Greetings, Elwin