My laser stop firing up🔥😩

I just cut 2 puzzles and engraved to watches with no problem on Thursday night. Friday I turn on my GF and it takes forever to center it just kept making noises and saying centering. It finally seemed like it was ready to cut. I put a piece of Thick MDF in the same kind I have used on the other 5 puzzles I made. It started cutting and looked like it was a success, until I took it out. It hadn’t cut all the way through, Weird I thought. the I took another piece out wrapped it with masking, like always and repeated my steps. It went through the entire cut like it was cutting but now there is now laser! I got out my phone and followed instructions for cleaning lens and I did that, step by step with the video. Try it ago no flame. Now I think maybe it’s the MDF I was using. So I pulled out a piece of the Proofgrade MDF
And started the process over. No fire :fire: still but. Now I can see a faint line where there is supposed to be a cut on the masking.
I also looked at the laser when I first started using my machine I could swear I saw liquid moving through there but now there is nothing
Moving through three

I’m really nervous as I stepped out on faith to buy this machine I have only made the first initial payment and 2 after I have only had it 2 months I really love this machine. Please don’t let me down. I have people waiting on things that they have paid me to make.

There will follow more suggestions for you I’m sure, but first thing I thought of was to check your power settings. Sometimes the power will default to ‘1’.


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there (please check your inbox for the latest), so I’m going to close this topic.