My Latest 8 Player Parcheesi 3D Game Board

In one of my first projects I posted here in the Glowforge forums was a 6-Player Parcheesi (Seen Here) but wanted to share one of my latest gameboard projects here again. LOL…

I’ve now created an 8-Player 3D Parcheesi Board for your review…

I used the following materials:
-(GameBoard - All Layers):

Home Depot
-(Game Pieces):

-(Felt for dice area and hidden interior box)

-(Acrylic paint of your choice and color.)


That’s very cool! Love that you made the interior hollow for storage :smiley:

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Thank You! I forgot to mention that the box in the middle is a friction fit and holds the two halves of the gameboard together.


Great project!!

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So cool!

Does a 6 player and 8 player game extend the time it takes to play a game vs the standard 4 player board???

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It does, especially when you play by Colombian rules. LOL…


With that many more pieces on the board the chances of someone being sent back to the start has to go up dramatically and add that 8 players have to take turns you could have a perpetual game. I was trying to think how it could be folded to be put away, but apparently there will not be a need.

I love it :heart_eyes: congratulations.

Hahaha, Yes! Very long night, no need to put it away. A lot of fun when playing with money.

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Love it when people make custom games. This is really thought out and great.


Thanks so much for the progression pics! It’s super fun to see the step-by-step. The storage in the middle of the game is genius.

Well done piece.