My Secret Santa Gift to My Uncle (Made in a Glowforge, of course) 6 Player Parcheesi


Finally finished (sort of) my large (19.5") Parcheesi game board, Latin style (Parques) with Colombia futbol teams. Just waiting on my magnets to finish the seam locking system. The game board includes custom locking box that holds the pawn piece’s and dice. I made a quick logo for my uncle using his first and last name initials JP.

Thanks for taking a look. I was inspired by others posting their projects and wanted to share mine as well.


Wow! I would love to see some pics of how you incorporate the magnets to make it all stick together. Very nice work.


Another project leaving me saying I’ve got to pick up my game!


So beautifully designed!


The final board will be made up of three layers although I could get away with just two (top= PG medium walnut ply. Middle is PG medium maple ply and the final bottom layer when complete will also be maple ply. The middle layer has two rectangular notches cut out for 1" neodymium rare Earth magnets. Since I don’t want to see the magnets from the bottom, I’m adding a third layer to hide them. I should have taken pictures of it but I already wrapped the present for tonight. Lol. But I’ll post again once I finish the board.


WOW and OMG are insufficient! Great project!


Very nice work!


Wow, that’s commercial grade gaming!


Agree with the comments. Very well done sir. It is inspirational.


Excellent detail! One of a kind, with the loving touch of his Nephew.
Thank you for sharing that with us. Very inspirational. :sunglasses:


Beautifully done!


First, this is extraordinary work!

Now, I don’t quite understand the purpose of the magnets. What do they do?

Also, PG? is that the material you obtain through the GlowForge store?



How did you color the letters/logos etc?


Yes, PG is short for Proofgrade.


Thanks, Mark. I cannot see the PG store until I get my email that says my unit is shipping. Sigh!

Was that your own design or did you find it somewhere. I really like it -way more than the old square version. Would like to make one, or maybe even a few - my extended family loves board games.



Sorry, I wasn’t the original poster. I just thought I knew the answer to that one question. @carlosecheverri 's design is very cool.


Once the board was engraved,I left the masking tape on. This allowed me to paint what was burned away by the laser with the paint colors of my choice. While the paint was drying, I removed the masking tape or protective film from the wood to reveal the final product.


Since I could not create the game board on one sheet, I had to halve my design in two. Roughly 19.5" wide by 9 or 10 inches deep. In order to play, the magnets will secure the board as one. This will also allow for easy storage.

I hope that made sense.


Yes, I designed the game board in CAD. You can search for reference material in Google using the term ”6 player Parcheesi". This should give you some ideas.

Originally I was going to create the players based on predators (lions, tigers and bears, oh my.) and engraved their animal images into the circles but my uncle is a soccer fan, so I used soccer teams from our country instead: Colombia.

But I had to design my board from the ground up to account for the multi layer design I had in my head. CAD was my friend since I used it for so many years.


Yes, it did. I just did that with a backgammon board where the other side was chess. Hinges would have created a gap between halves, so I used magnets to pull them together and also to hold the box closed when stored.