My Lid Came Unglued - How can I fix?

Hi. My glass lid came completely unglued in the back. It’s possible this is because the hinge appears to be stuck. I’ve contacted support and it will cost $1600 to replace. (I’ve only had the machine a year and a half- so this hurts). Any ideas of how to fix this? The hinge isn’t moving freely - but maybe it’s stiff on purpose.

Thank you! - Michelle

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Welcome to the community. If you utilize the search feature, you will find many posts about what others have done in your situation. Best of luck.


Thanks. The hinges appear to be stuck so I can’t glue the lid level.

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The hinges are very stiff by design, they need to support an open lid, and prevent it from slamming down.


I get that, but I can’t get the hinge to move at all to get the lid level for gluing. I’ve tried clamps and using my hands to move them - they’re not budging. Really trying to avoid the $1600 repair fee - my Glowforge is only a year and a half old and I use it a few times a month!

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Few people would have the hand strength to move them. Try pliers for some leverage.
Did your search help in deciding on an adhesive?

It’s going to be difficult to get the leverage you need to move those hinges. They will be extremely stiff. That glass lid has quite a bit of weight to it and those hinges keep it open effortlessly at pretty much any angle.

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Vice grips or tongue-and-groove pliers will give you the leverage you need. All previous glue needs to be removed and the surface lightly scuffed before re-glueing.

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Thanks. I’m not sure I’ll be able to get the lid lined up right. I’ve tried two different tension clamps and haven’t been successful so far.

That’s what it feels like. I’m wondering if anyone has tips to get the glass aligned on the hinges. I can’t seem to make it work - even with clamps.

There is no way to hold the lid to the hinges using clamps, there is no room for them. When all the glue is removed and the machine is on a flat surface, it will sit in place just fine.

You could use tape to hold it in-place once you have it positioned.

Summoning the great @raymondking32 for his advice.


Interesting. I’m seeing very little glue - if anything, it’s hair thin. If I glue it as is, the lid will not sit level (the hinges appear about half an inch up from the resting spot.) I don’t see how gluing can fix this. I can’t print right now because I have a lid open error.

Thanks. Wondering if this is a Hawaii humidity problem.

I haven’t experienced it.
With that said anything rubber doesn’t last here, like rubber bands, balloons, tires, etc.


And here I am!

@grandmaster the simplest way to make this work is to unscrew the hinges from the machine and glue them in place on the lid. The hinge guards come off with a little effort, pull one side of the guard towards the other one, then pull down.

You’ll want to find the best epoxy/glue you can find, then after all is fixed and put back together, don’t forget to recalibrate your camera, since the lid will be put on slightly different than its original placement.

I wrote some steps on repair, but my hinges apparently we’re easier to adjust than yours, so again, I’d just unscrew them and glue them to the lid, then the torque of the lid and screw studs on the machine should help with positioning.


@raymondking32 =


Thank you! This seems like a perfect avenue of exploration. Now to see if I feel comfortable getting those pesky hinges off. Thank you again for your help and for documenting your repair.


No problem! While the forum has been around for a long time with tons of reoccurring issues, it can be difficult to navigate to an exact answer. Glad to lend my assistance, especially because when it had happened to me, the information on self repair was very slim.

Hopefully you’re able to get some traction with the info I shared, Merry Christmas!


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