My lines are not straight

Hi community,

First, please excuse my english. Appologies.
I recently noticed a trouble using my GF.
When i’m trying to score or engrave, MY LINES ARE NOT STRAIGHTS HORIZONTALLY.

As you can i see in the pictures, there is a “shift” on my lines…
This trouble is recent and i don’t know if it’s a hardware or software (update) issue.

Is someone noticed the same issue ?
Can someone help me please.

Thanks a lot.

Regards from France !



Hello and welcome to the forum, Nico! I’m sure someone very knowledgeable will be able to make some suggestions to you. What material is this in the photos, please? It looks like paper or card stock.

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Hi Nico,

It could be the speed… if you are using a high speed for the Engrave, try lowering the speed to under 1500.

Or it might be the tension on the belts. There are some instructions here for what to check…

Those are a couple of things to check for.

Knowing the scale (size) and orientation would be helpful.

Nico, It looks like there is a slight indication of a pattern that repeats as it crosses the page. Have you checked your wheels and guiderails to see iff they are clean and without any type of residue on them?


Hi Jules !

Thanks for your help.
For this test, i used “score” with these settings :
speed 500
power 78
pass 1

I’ll check the thread about tension belts !

Thank you

Hi Eflyguy !

The scale (size) is 39 cm large x 27.5 cm height (landscape)
Setting for scoring are :
speed 500
power 78
pass 1
Any idea ?
Thanks for your help !

Hi Ellingtonmod !

Yes i did…
I’ll check one more time !

Thank you

Thank you all for providing such great first steps!

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.