My LT project: Dominoes



(video shot, edited, and posted in 15 min, a personal record)


@dan this is almost hypnotic to watch.


Aaah it goes so fast…lol. Really cool to watch. Would love to see a static pic. What a fun way to do a domino effect…bet the kids love them…or did you save them for yourself and the other adults…lol


I’m kind of surprised that it works! I would think that those thin pieces of wood would be too light to fall over given the friction in the hinges.


This is awesome. How fickle was it to place all the loops glue or press fit


Be cool to make the track snap together - each “domino” on a base that has jigsaw puzzle type connectors so you could make different layouts than just the snake track.


My thoughts exactly. Very cool


Ohhhhhh… I think I want this! Haha!



(apparently I have to type more text than that for Discourse to let me post it)


Very nice! Now make one with the cows from the trebuchet project! Cow-tipping line !


Hard to tell from the phone screen resolution…

But it looks like the pivot point holes are not circles. Instead a “Fat S” shape that allows you to reset the domino run by just tipping it backward.

Certainly looking forward to making quite a few snap together domino elements.


Dan, in the domino field, what you made is called “cheating”. :smiley:


Omg I love that so much.


Exactly what I was thinking, kids would have a ball with that.


Great office desk toy!


Two cubicles down, That Guy™ gains an eye twitch from the constant click-click-click-click-click-click-click-giggle-shunck-click-click-click-click-click-click-click-giggle all day.


I second this. After watching for way too long, you can see the holes have detentes to maintain certain positions.


I’m thinking about the kids’ dominos that have pictures of fruit or other random things on them. You could make a sort of pseudo-flipbook.


Exactly correct.

I am a notorious cheater in all matters of toymaking.

V1 had puzzle pieces. Someone (maybe it was @shell?) pointed out that those both made it less flexible, and made it impossible to reset a piece by tipping it back and then sliding into place. So each section of 5 dominos slides around freely with no puzzle piece connections.

One idea I’m thinking about is an extra-tall domino - just one - you could put in line, and then legs to raise sections of track with the extra tall domino to ‘connect’ them.


This gives me a new idea for a triominoes project. Instead of three numbers imprinted at the vertices on a plastic piece, the triomino would consist of a combination of one, two, or three different materials, each with a number on its vertex. In addition to matching two of the three numbers, one could get special bonuses if the materials matched as well.