My machine has been stuck in cooling

My machine has been stuck on Cooling down for 2 days now. I keep it around 68 degrees in my building. Everything is cool on the inside of the machine. Any suggestions?



Did you turn it on and off again? You won’t hurt the machine.

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make sure the vents (esp on the sides) are not blocked, also is it humid in the room?
the glowforge does not like humidity)

see if that helps at all


Thank you . I do have a little humid in the room, do you think a dehumidifier will help?

it may, but it may also just be the season, try a box of damp rid, first see if the machine behaves better before investing in a dehumidifier

Thank you

Yes several times

also an booser fan may also be the thing you need, more air movement thru the glowforge (how are you venting currently)

Just out the window till my vent machine gets here, I can put extra fans on it

“vent machine?” ?? ¿¿

I’m sorry… air filter they offer

AHH!!! :stuck_out_tongue: ok – you may not like the air filter, it has a very specific use, if you have no venting nearby, otherwise the air filter will be a big expense with consumables. – you may want to consider a better venting to the outside, with an inline fan (like an infinity fan) and keep the filter for specific uses (like if you take your glowforge to a craft fair, or a indoor place with no venting.)
and in your office have it vent externally. – what part of the country are you in?

I live in Mississippi

Anything else is just wild guesses, which don’t help you.

Your room is plenty cool, and if it’s that cool I suspect it’s air conditioned – if so it’s plenty dry too (not that humidity affects temperature readings, not sure why we’re talking about this). GF staff will be able to help you, none of us can.


Thank you . I sent them a message as well.

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it’s been my observation even with 16% humidity here (dry desert air) the GF goes into more cooling cycles, then when I have the a/c on and the humidity is lower - as I said by observation.

That makes little sense. The glowforge doesn’t cool evaporatively, it’s merely passive heat sinks in your case (you have a basic/plus). Humidity should not affect this process at all, only ambient temperature and airflow rates.

If anything, from a physics perspective, humid air should have greater thermal mass than dry air, and its capacity to cool should be enhanced by humidity. Granted, this would be such a small amount that it would not be measurable-- but I think my logic is sound.

What do I know, you’re an old school HVAC guy… but this is a whole lot more like the H side than the AC side, straight up heat exchange. (Of course for a pro, the situation is different, as it has active cooling. Anyway. Again, we’re guessing, GF staff is the only word that matters.)


you’re right (as usual) we are only speculating, ‘support’ has a way to adjust the ‘cooling’ threshold on a machine. (or so they say)

Just spoek to Mike at Support. We determined I lost my internet connection during cooling and it had the machine froze up.

We are up now and running…

Thanks for all your support.


WOW was I wrong LOLOLOLOL!!!

I’m glad its running again!
Tech support to the rescue!