My Machine not working

I did send this over to support on Friday. If they replied I missed it somehow.

My first glowforge stopped cutting all the way through the material. This is a refurbished unit as a replacement. I think I’ve managed to use it for 15 minutes.

First I could not see the bed…went through ALL the troubleshooting steps at least 3 times. I still can’t see the bed clearly. I have completely boarded up the window behind it to make sure that was not interfering with the camera photo of the bed. The lights on the lid are all on, the camera was lose but that is tight now. I’ve tried it with the room lights on and off. That was all on friday.

None of that really matters because it will not get past scanning, centering or homing. It just won’t do any flippin thing except use electricity.

I need this machine to work…I don’t have time to pack them up and send them off and do it all over again.

I have rebooted
Turned everything that I can think of off and on.
If you tell me it’s the internet - It seems I should have gotten a Boss.

Did you adjust or ‘tighten’ the camera lens? It is focused and glued at the factory, if the lens has movement then this is an issue, especially if you adjusted it since it may be way out of focus now and cannot complete the initial boot up.

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“Did you adjust or ‘tighten’ the camera lens? It is focused and glued at the “

It moved when I was cleaning the bottom of the lens the first time I used it. Those prints came out ok. Not many details. The next time it did not work.

I’ve since noticed this was already addressed in your other support ticket. It should not move, so Support should be able to review it and address it with the info in the other ticket.

The wires are delicate and it is frequent that the use breaks the minimum connection but my guess is back to the shop as they will need to replace the lid.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.