My Maker Faire NY Visit

So! Lemme tell ya. Maker Faire is HUGE! I now know it was a mistake to get a single day ticket. It took me half a day just to find the Glowforge booth. There were things inside, outside, everywhere. There were 3D printers, and lasers, and droids, and lights, and music, and Coke & Mentos, and… and… and… Yeah. It’s big. Next year, it’s a weekend pass or maybe even a booth!

Here are a few pics…
Welcome to Maker Faire

A cool display they had inside


Who doesn’t love retro?!

This room was so cool… They had a Kinect-type thing going on where you could interact with the environment. We didn’t do it due to lack of time. But it was still very cool-looking.

Robo-dino thing…

Cute robots!

Oh, hey… What’s this? A 40W laser cutter? With a single push-button? With LEDs down the side of the lid? Made by Dremel? Coming out in 2018? Interesting…
Also from Dremel… A real nice-looking 3D printer on sale for another 3 weeks…

Rockets. Rockets are awesome. And catching the sun from where we were makes this pic one of my favorites…

More rocket shots…

This one booth they’d made a bunch of awesome 3D laser-cut topo maps. I talked to the guys at that booth a while. And I looked at a bunch of them, but I realize now I only took the 1 pic. Which sucks because they were all really something…

Oh, right… No joke… A like 15’ tall fire-breathing dragon was there!!!

Did I mention a Storm Trooper… on a go-kart… that looks like a train?!

This was one of the coolest things I’ve seen. The phreaks out there might recognize it right away…

That is 2600 Magazine’s van. How cool is that?! I talked to the guys there for a few minutes. I remember when they began ('cause I’m old)! It was really surprising and nice to know they still exist! So nostalgic.

This mechanic ant moved!

Oh, look!!! Glowforges!!!


Official Glowforge safety glasses
@shell looks way better in them than I.

I met some some amazing makers/artists… Some of which you may know!
@henryhbk had just a great variety of made medical marvels. Many of which were novel approaches to real, and in some cases, potentially life-saving devices.

So we walked up to this booth and my son @andrew.c.alessi and I both said at the same time “Oh that’s cool.” Sorry I didn’t get any real good shots.

@nancielaing’s stuff was really something. I mean, if nothing else, look at that huge living hinge sign!

@alicia was, unfortunately, a little disappointed. Keen on showing off some paper and acrylic skills, her Maker Faire loaner machine hated the temperature in the tent. Amber light all afternoon. Hope she had better luck today!

@emilycarolinemiller1’s leather work is stunning. She actually said “Hey… You can make this stuff, too!” I smiled and explained that just because I have the tools, it does not mean I can do THIS…"

Oh, right! Almost forgot! I also met royalty!

Dan was kind enough to take a few minutes out of what I’m sure was a crazy, crazy day and talk with me. As you might imagine, he’s personable off-camera as he is on. He met my entire family. It was a real pleasure to have that brief conversation!

Quite a few people took advantage of my nametag…
I met a surprising number of makers who are also Glowforge owners (although hadn’t received their unit yet). They had questions. It was nice to be able to answer them. Also a few non-owners asked me about my Glowforge. A father and son were on the fence about buying one. I’m pretty sure when we were done talking they were going to buy one. I get pretty excited when I talk about it. :slight_smile:

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my little photo display!

P.S.: I’m only slightly short at 5’7" tall. But next to folks like @henryhbk and @dan I’m an ant.


Awesome photos! Thank you so much – next best thing to being there :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for posting this Tom! Nice pictures. It really was a wonderful event.


Looks like you had a great day. Thanks for the update.


Yep! Love looking at the pics! I’d probably get claustrophobic in crowds like that, so it’s the next best thing to being there, without the heat, the sore feet and the dehydration! Chuckle! :smile:


That is so awesome. An experience of a lifetime. I need to go as a visitor now and see all the stuff I missed. Thanks for taking the time to post.


Love, love, love the way you put that post together! It was exciting to experience it through your eyes…like I was there!! So glad you had a great time! Thank you for sharing!!:smile::smile:


Thanks for sharing!!
I wish I could’ve gone to MFNY…


Great post Tom! Easy to see you had a good time. Thanks for sharing it with us! :sunglasses::+1:


Thanks for dropping by, it is always great to meet people you’ve talked with online in real life. It was nice meeting your son.


Great photos! I can see where you might need more than a day to go through! Wow! So much to see … very cool!


It was such a pleasure to meet you in person! And you have a beautiful and delightful family. Thank you for visiting us!


Had an awesome time even though the temperature tampered with the machine. Check out the letters I cut. Thanks @dan @Tom_A !!!


For those who can’t tell, that acrylic is even cooler in person than it is in a picture. It’s all reflective and the flecks aren’t just on the top or bottom or whatever, they’re dispersed throughout the thickness of the acrylic. Really cool effect.

Do check out the link and see some of the coolness!