My most ambitious project yet

@ @rbtdanforth 's suggestion, I am having another go at the peacock design, making it into a lamp (which so many of you loverly folks have displayed, and I have looked at with great envy) I bought some really thin (3mm) Baltic Birch from Wood Workers Source (in AZ) (they supplied me the wood for my butcher block countertops!) - so I have good CLEAN wood for this project.

this was first cut test, still adjusting laser settings, and getting down basic ideas
(I never made something 3D before)

The basic Idea is a LED lamp, with two color vellum as a light diffuser, shimmering green for feathers and white for general light.

(excited look)



This is going to be gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the finished product.


I got the right laser settings its “fall off the bone tender”


As beautiful as I knew it would be. :heart_eyes: You might want to try to add masking to avoid the staining, and then use Gorilla tape to weed it after. By using one of those box-making pages you can make it with strong corners as well. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Actually I think I LIKE THE soot, and may stain it a dark color as a fun contrast…
this is opining up some real possibilities!


This is looking great!


Still working on getting the settings right, so it cuts the wood, but doesn’t set it on fire



Are you in Tucson or Phoenix? I’m down in Tucson. I hit the big two up every week or so. Woodcraft and WWS. Was in Phoenix yesterday and hit up rockier and WWS on Black Canyon. Picked up a nice piece of Purple Heart in the cutoff bin. $1.99 a pound. Not sure it was cheaper than by the board foot.

I am “down the road a fur piece” I am in Las Vegas, but WWS is like the BEST place to get wood in the tri-state region.



I just tried to make some reservations for the AWFS in Las Vegas at a Wyndham resort, but having troubles getting a reservation…may not go.

THIS one one of the reasons I live in Las Vegas (besides it being half of what NYC cost me) All the trade shows I can eat!!!



That is really beautiful! Cannot wait to see the final piece!

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I am giving up for the day, I keep burning the wood, and nothing is staying consistent,

I cheated took what was salvageable, hot glued it together and sprayed it white, so it will be my test piece



I am concerned about the inconsistencies, and they may be caused by my own doing, I am burning another piece directly on the Crumb Tray and seeing if using factory settings was my issue!


What factory settings are you using? There is no birch plywood proofgrade?

when I said factory settings, I mean I am testing different settings, but now I am testing everything with the wood pinned to the crumb tray, no more stacks of wood as a base.

before different parts of the wood would be carbon, while other parts where raw… and I got frustrated at the inconsistencies, I am trying to ‘remove random’

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Stacks of wood could definitely add to inconsistent results.

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I speak from experience… masking is your friend.

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Been doing THAT for the last 15 months!!!


But seriously folks, I don’t want it to be clean, I like the fact that it is sooty and a bit crispy, I love a clean look, but for this specific project I think I want to keep it unmasked.


Your peacock is stunning. The white looks good.