My network provider got blocked by Google's servers. They are working on it but meanwhile my GF is down. How to use VPN?

I can’t ping from any of my office computers. Apparently google decided to filter/block my network providers IP. I CAN access if i use a VPN from my client computer - BUT, the GF itself is obviously not behind a VPN, and so it’s getting blocked. Anyone know if there is a way to configure the GF to use a VPN or some other solution?
Of course, right now is when I need to run a big production for a major client…

Have you tried using your phone as a hot spot. Your wireless provider is not being blocked, I assume.


I’d need to then connect my GF to my phone as well as my client PC correct?
Problem is I am in a rural area with slow cell service for data.

I am confused. Is the Glowforge at your work or is it connected at your home?

Both I work from my home office

No. Use the phone hotspot for the GF. The PC can be on any network that can hit so you can use a VPN from the PC to get to the GF. You’re not connecting directly to the GF - you’re going to their servers who then talk to the GF and then back to your PC session.

Fortunately, the GF itself doesn’t use a lot of data or need a lot of network speed - just a reliable connection.


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