My NEW Glowforge!


Congratulations! Have fun!

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You just gave me such a whirlwind of emotions :rofl:


I’m not quite sure what you’re saying there, but re-reading my post, perhaps I am. :blush:


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Well I for one am pleased with the updates when someone gets their GF. Though my expectations were low just because I ordered literally the LAST DAY, so I know everyone was ahead of me on the list. Then when I read somebody’s posting (don’t remember who) stating that (A) was ordered the first day, (B) ordered the second day, etc. It’s pretty daunting when you think of thousands of orders…but a few each day over time is much easier to fill when production numbers ramp up. That makes me smile. Ha!

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I don’t know if you guys can see the photo I uploaded. I am very familiar with Adobe Illustrator and I just wanted to see how fast I can get from conception, to design, and then to the final product. I quickly designed tic tac toe and exported as PDF. The Glowforge App was super easy to use. This whole entire process was smooth as a baby’s bottom.

I’ve never operated or used a laser cutter before. I am a graphic designer and I am only familiar with print. I’ve wanted to cancel so many times before, and the “shady” updates did not help. I was so worried when I heard other people were getting imperfect machines. I don’t see any imperfections on my machine. This machine is a beast and is the most shiniest thing in my room. I can’t wait to do more stuff with paper.



Congrats Chris! Looks like you got started fast! Be sure to post your finished projects on the Made on a Glowforge category… they’re great inspiration for some of us. :grinning:


Well, just how fast was it from idea conception to design? :wink:

With a print background, just be careful of how you design. A lot of “for print” shortcuts won’t give you the expected results.

For example, vectors - you won’t get knockout with overlaying filled shapes.

Don’t get fooled by stroke weight - it’s only cutting the vector centerline. I use a stroke of .008” to simulate this.

Outline view is one of your best friends.

Kind of tying in with strokes and outline view, anchor points need to be precise - close isn’t close enough. If you want, say, a cut/score to be perpendicular to another and end on that score, your anchor point needs to actually intersect with that line.


Any tips on going about the escutcheon?



Let your imagination run wild! We’ve seen some really creative stuff. :grinning:

(I think if you go to The Obligatory Escutcheon thread, some folks who have the Production units have recently measured the button for the correct hole size, or you can just measure it yourself with calipers.)


I plan to go into Illustrator and cut a circle out from the main shape. Is the diameter 40.35 or 41? I want a good fit with no spacing.

Thank you,


Well, I’m not sure…mine’s one of the older units and the size changed a hair. Just do a search for that thread name and it should come up…scroll down to the bottom and work up a few…I think it’s in there.

Yeah, it looks like 40.4 mm.

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I’m sorry it was such a long road, but I’m delighted that you’re happy with the destination!


Does any one know where I can get Spirograph designs made for the laser cutter?



may I make a suggestion?

leave your baby’s bottom OUT of the glowforge… <G, D &R>

So great to hear how slick it is to operate out of the box!


YAC(yet another chris)


I couldn’t find the thread that spurred me on this quest, but here are ones to look at. I don’t think I doubled up jbv’s reply.

@jbv has a pretty awesome post in the second thread.


First stating that I have NOT seen a GF first hand in person…I am impressed with the design that @dan and the crew pursued much like an ipad or iPhone in that it seems simply elegant and intuitive in use and as we all know, (we’ll, I think so…ha!) that ultimately helped in the remarkable success of those products.


I tried the 41 piece Spirograph from thinkverse and there are so many nodes and points. This is taking forever to render on the glowforge app and I cannot even cut because the app is lagging. Any thoughts on this?


Any idea of how many total nodes (and actual SVG size)?

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