My own Rummikub® set

My Dad plays Rummikub with my Grandmother all the time. Apparently she’s quite good at it. He brought a set with him when we went on vacation a couple weeks ago. Well, my family became obsessed with it. So we figured we’d buy it when we got back. But then I decided it was such a simple design, why not just make our own? So that’s what I set out to do.

At first I made a sample tile out of both wood and acrylic. The family unanimously decided the acrylic was the way to go. Fine by me. Next I had to make the players’ trays. This was going to be the difficult part for me. Only because I don’t know what I’m doing… pretty much ever. :wink: I decided on a tiered design. Like a staircase. My big issue with that was, again, I don’t know what I’m doing. So I couldn’t think of a way to line up each tier perfectly. And if it wasn’t perfect, it would look like crap. And then I had an idea! LEGO®! So I did a test and it worked way better than I imagined!

The “nubbed” side:

The “dimpled” side:

Assembled tray: (I put a drop of glue in each of the dimples)

So the hundreds of hours playing with LEGO bricks as a child (and, yes, as an adult) seem to have taught me a thing or two!

And here’s the set in-play:


LOVE this! I laughed when you said you didn’t know what you were doing. I really do know what you meant, but as it turns out, you really DO know. Great job and very nice looking!


Brilliant! Who said you didn’t know what you were doing?!


Great job looks really good…


The dimple alignment trick is very clever. Nice work.


Yay, LEGO!

Also, people who know what they’re doing aren’t as likely to come up with cool innovations (because they’d already know how it’s “supposed” to be done). I think a little bit of imposter syndrome is maybe not a bad thing – keeps us actively learning and growing. :slight_smile:


Excellent job Tom, it looks great!


Great solution!


Never heard of it, but it looks like you did a great job on yours!


Much more fun to make your own! Lovely job!


Great work! Looks like fun!


I know this is a pretty old post but if you are still out there, I’d love more information on your set. We love Rummikub and a project like this was one of the reasons we bought our GF. What acrylic did you end up using (thickness/brand)? I love the racks, they look great. Would you be willing to share your files/settings? Thanks, Jim

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My wife’s favorite game is rummy cube. Looks like I have a new project in my future.

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A couple years late on the reply…

I used regular 1/8" Proofgrade acrylic and used paint pens to fill in the numbers.

Thanks! I’m certain I’d make the stands a little differently today. Matter of fact, that just came up in conversation recently when my Brother mentioned he played my set at my Dad’s.

Would you be willing to share your files/settings?
I have no idea what settings I used. You’ll want to experiment.