My print buttom doesn't light up on my brand new pro

I am try to do my first print on my BRAND NEW PRO. I am using proofgrade material. on my computer said ready to print but the print button on the machine doesn’t light up.
Any advice what is wrong with the brand NEW PRO

Have you passed the screen where you scroll to the bottom and check “Accept”?

Did the file process? Are you working through the First Three Prints?

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no sure what do you mean by "passed the screen where you scroll to the bottom and check “Accept”?

there is the screenshot of my app but the blue light on my machine doesn’t turn on. any idea what is happening?

You mention this is your first print, but looks like the board you are using has several things cut out of it already. Do you happen to have a second machine? If so is the correct one selected?

Can you share a screenshot of the entire interface. The lower right corner below where the magic time shows. Also, have you tried pushing the print button?

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yes, is my second machine. on the corner I select the new one PRO.
the first one is broken and it was the basic

Ok. As @dklgood suggested, does pressing the button start it? Maybe the button light is not working.

I pressed the bottom but doesn’t start.

I’m stumped. Support will definitely have to weigh in. While waiting, I would close the app, turn off the machine, restart the machine and app in another browser and try again.

thank you I will do that

You mentioned that you picked your new GF - just to rule out any weird cross communication, is your 1st one on? If it is, maybe try turning it off so there’s no chance the two are getting mixed up?

my first one was a basic and is broken. is in the box ready to ship back to GF.

My second is the pro

Oh that’s a bummer - hope this button thing gets sorted quickly.


Is there any chance that the original Glowforge is the one that is selected in the machine name drop down (upper right corner of the screen)?

No. I already check that and the old is offline. I selected the pro. But no luck. Do you know what time tech support open? What time zone is where the house support is located?
Thank you!

They are on the West coast so it would be Pacific time. Keep an eye on their chat window when it opens, maybe you can get fast help that way.

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thank you!

I’m so sorry that your new Glowforge Pro’s button isn’t lighting up and you’re unable to run a print. Unfortunately it looks like your printer has an issue we can’t resolve remotely, so I’d like to take care of getting a replacement sent out to you. I’ve sent you an email with next steps, so I’m going to close this thread and our team will continue to assist you via email.

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