My printer got orange button, please help

I checked the connections, they are all good.

What does the Glowforge app say the status of the machine is, at the top right corner of the webpage?


it is saying focusing

Sounds like the machine isn’t able to communicate with the print head, which is one of the things that will turn the button orange/yellow. You should examine the length of the white ribbon cable for signs of damage like creases or exposed wire.


i checked, all connections seemed to be good. But it is still orange (691.8 KB)
here is the log file

Just so you know, we are not support here but other users like yourself. The logs are something support uses to diagnose. You should contact them at

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I AM NOT SUPPORT but I checked your logs. It almost certainly looks like there is a failure of the temperature sensing circuitry. It’s not hot or cold, it can’t talk to the components that monitor the temperature.

You’ll have to provide them to support to confirm, but if I’m right, the machine is going to have to be replaced.

2022-08-10_20:43:09.39445 163157 ERROR: fused_temp: could not read interconnect temp sensor (src/sensor_task_peripherals.cpp:340)

2022-08-10_20:43:09.43562 163201 ERROR: hw: Coolant monitor temperature alert (src/hw_task_errors.cpp:204)


I have only seen the orange button one time. I had 2 choices…

  1. Take it to the gun range and fill it with tannerite
  2. Send it back to GF because it was still under warranty.

Like @eflyguy — I also believe the orange button means your GF has died!!

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