My Printer Head Lens has fog, what caused it?

My printer head lens looks pretty fogged up right now and I was hoping to find out what causes this to happen.
Also can this be the reason for all those nightmarish pictures of the GFs that have shattered and caught fire?
Lastly, my cuts havent been going through 1/8" acrylic lately, even though I’ve been cleaning all my lenses, could this be the culprit?
Thanks :slight_smile:

A dirty lens does not cause shattered lids or fires.

A dirty lens will most certainly adversely affect cutting capabilities.

A lens gets dirty because smoke from cuts builds up on the lens and isn’t cleaned off. Try soaking the lens in rubbing alcohol and then wiping to see if you can get it clean. If not, you may need to purchase a replacement. While the lens is soaking, clean and inspect your mirror and all of the other optics.


what @dklgood said. also, you need to make sure you are cleaning the optics regularly. that fogging is usually a buildup over time.


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