My printer is cutting multiple times and burning my acrylic

Hey All, hopefully someone can help me with an issue that I have from time to time. My design from AI is in SVG format which usually cuts fine however on a couple of designs the printer decides to cut the file multiple times which burns the bottom of the acrylic. I have no idea why it does this and I’ve tried playing with settings to stop this however I cannot seem to fix the problem. Any help would be grateful :pray:

Welcome to the forum. You will find many helpful people here with lots of experience.

The Glowforge will not initiate extra passes. If it makes more than one pass it is because there are two lines in the design or two designs. In AI, if something is designed that doesn’t have a center line, the file will have an outside and inside line. The Glowforge will cut both. If you zoom way in on the file in AI or Inkscape you will be able to see the double lines.


In addition to the potential double line problem, it’s possible you have multiple lines stacked on top of each other in AI. An easy way to check is to open up the layers palette.


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