My Pro Just Arrived!



My Pro just arrived, and on my 60th birthday no less!!! There was no email notification. Delivery required several people–much larger and heavier than I expected. I noticed that the outer surface upon arrival was not very clean, but no punctures or tears. I was a little startled by the odd noises it made at first, but it seems to operate well. It’s also quite loud. At night, it can wake the whole household! Despite the recommendation to watch it carefully when active, I’ve set up a closed-circuit camera to watch it remotely. I also don’t think that a fire extinguisher is necessary because the material I’m putting in it isn’t flammable. Although it is somewhat limited in what it can do, I’m really looking forward to it becoming more capable over time. Perhaps some day I’ll put it to work making some money for me. All in all, despite being late in arrival, it was certainly worth the wait!

Glowparents: Glowbabies!

Wait…is this the first PRO unit being delivered to it’s forever home?


…checks if it’s April 1st…not…

Hu? What!?!


I should clarify. My first grandson has arrived! I can tell by looking at him that he’s going to be a pro, no matter what he decides to do in life. (Sorry, couldn’t resist!) :smiling_imp:

And talk about big and heavy–10 lbs 6 oz and 22" long. It was really hard waiting the extra weeks past the due date for him to be born.

18 hours old

The happy grandfather!


It’s great to know the Pros are shipping. Still looking forward to receiving my notification asking if I want my Pro now, of course I do.

Really nice @Scott.Burns



^^This is appropriate


You had me there for a moment!


When I tried to like your first post I got this:

You are not permitted to view the requested resource.


That was just mean! ROFL! :smile:

Congratulations on the new arrival! That’s a beautiful (intelligent looking) little fellow! :fireworks::tada::balloon::boom::two_hearts::baby:

Oh and Happy Birhday! (One heck of a present!) :smile:


No idea why. Worked for me.


The king of trollsssssss :space_invader:


I was going to wait longer to explain, but my hand was shaking too much on the mouse as posts started rolling in…


well done sir, well done (slow clapping)


Funny. kind of. You know not what you have done. There are 1000 emails going to Support and Facebook is probably blowing up.


Congratulations!! :grinning:


Actually when I started reading it I immediately thought of what it turned out to be. Congratulations!


The original version had even more giveaways. I talked about how my wife couldn’t stop caressing it.


Outstanding!! And congrats!
The first Pro is out in the wild!!


It will be a while before he’s a pro, though.


Haha! Loved this. First dead give-away was [quote=“Scott.Burns, post:1, topic:8977”]
There was no email notification.


Congrats and happy birthday!:tada::sparkler: