My referral link isn’t working

I sent a friend my link and it takes her to the glowforge page. It doesn’t show the little message about “save $500 etc” and it doesn’t discount it. Other people’s links work and I even tried logging out and viewing myself and it’s not working at all :sob: someone tell me there’s a fix for this because I’ve got a few friends that are contemplating purchase because of all the stuff I’ve made since getting mine!!!

This is what it shows when I click the link. And it’s copied STRAIGHT from the referral page.

You’ve opened a ticket with support by posting here, so they’ll get back to you ASAP - though it may be by email since this is talking about personal account info.

If you post your actual link here someone else can try it and see if it works sometimes…

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Looks like it’s expired. Support can help there.

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I’m so sorry for the trouble with your referral link! I see you’ve already emailed us about this, so I’m going to close this thread and my colleagues will be following up with you shortly via email.

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