My SVG exported from Illustrator isn't working. HELP!

Ok, so I purchased a wine box pattern off Etsy, and while most of the artwork works fine, several of the pieces had leftover lines.

So I had to retrace a couple pieces, but when I export the SVG and load to the GF, it’s only showing some lines as cut lines.

I’m trying to get this done before Christmas of course, so if there’s anyone that could take a look at the AI file and let me know what the issue is, I’d greatly appreciate the help!

I’d be glad to look at your file but not sure how best to do that since you can’t post a commercial file here. Maybe if you sent it attached to a PM, I could look it over and get you running, then delete it. Would that work?

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Thanks VERY much for your help on such short notice! Here’s a link to the files. I’ve got 2 AI files and the original SVG from the Etsty store.

The is the one having the issues, and I’ve added notes:

Thanks again!

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You’ll probably want to send that link to her in a PM instead of posting it here. You can send her a PM by clicking on her icon and clicking the Message button.

So sorry–I didn’t see this until just now.

So, I downloaded your .ai files and .svg file. As far as I can tell everything is fine except that you have a couple of clipping masks applied. When I selected all and deleted both of them, then saved as SVG, everything loaded up in the GFUI fine. I think the clipping mask might have been preventing you from getting the figures within the cuttable area of the GF.

As far as the SVG file that you posted, it has too much to fit in the bed, so you wouldn’t be able to cut them all at once. But as long as you can move things around and set the ones that are outside the cuttable area to Ignore, you should be fine.

Good luck!

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Thanks very much! Ok, so stupid question… how do I find the clipping masks and delete them? All I did was copy the chunks from the original SVG and pasted into the artboard.

In Illustrator: Select All then go to menu Object…Clipping Mask…Release. (Then delete). There were two of them so you might have to do it twice.


Awesome, thanks for the help! Gonna try and cut these on cardboard first so as to not torch any more wood, then put this sucker together :smiley:

Clearly I need an Illustrator crash course…

You’re very welcome! That’s a nice design–you might want to link to the Etsy shop.

Lots to learn about Illustrator here:

Yeah it’s a nice design. There was another company that had even better ones, but their PayPal was down, so I settled. Here’s the link:

And here’s a whole slew of amazing designs:


@cynd11, you’re a champ! @pfriedl, please post again if you encounter a new question.