My switched dual-exhaust filter setup, with pre-filter

I have the Glowforge Air Filter, mostly for the acrylic I cut, but I wanted the option to vent out a nearby window for less harmful materials and stuff that’ll clog the filter quickly, like draftboard.

I think I’ve created a pretty solid setup for selecting between the window and the filter and thought I would share—and solicit feedback if you think I’m making a grave aerodynamic error! :smiley:

Shopping list:
More clamps, y-fittings, and blast gates than I needed (but cheaper than buying separately):
Probably could have gotten a cheaper hose but this one is pretty sturdy:

Oh and I decided to try this as a pre-filter; others have linked similar products but this one is the perfect size if you cut it in half:

I have a blast gate for each exhaust so one doesn’t try to blow into / suck from the other. I tried to keep angles to a minimum. I can also seal the window gate so critters don’t try to get in.

Let me know what you think!


Great, with a couple of possible exceptions. I recommend sealing around that panel the exhaust hose goes through, and that looks to be a double-hung window. there is another opening between the lower window and the upper. Both could allow smoke to enter the room.

That’s a versatile setup, should serve you well. :sunglasses:

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Yes, I definitely plan to seal the window exhaust panel. Good point about the window gap; maybe I can stuff something in there.

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This is awesome - thank you so much for sharing. I am going to try this for sure!

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