My Trip to the Glowforge Booth at Bay Area Maker Faire

I visited the GlowForge booth at the Bay Area Maker Faire yesterday. All I can say is “WOW!” Really, the machine is beautiful, the software was very user-friendly, and all the GlowFolks in the booth were awesome.

Here’s a bit of what I experienced:

Print of GlowForge Talk Show Logo.

Video of the print.

Video of @jvb peeling off the Proofgrade adhesive.

I am more excited about what I can make with the Glowforge than ever!

I am going back to the Maker Faire today with my friend’s family. Don’t know if I will have time to get back to the Glowforge booth today, there are so many incredible things to see!

On a side note, I saw this guy (look for man in center wearing a black jacket) checking out the Glowforge. Extra credit for anyone who knows who he is…


Mark Frauenfelder.


It was really fun meeting you in person and hanging out!

And it was awesome to finally meet @dan, @kevinmcvey, @aeva, @Rita, @Shell, @Tom_M, @jared, and (i think, based on the staff photos) @Kusmeroglu .

Everyone was great. Everyone was excited, genuine, real.

Its a big show, I was not prepared for that (and I was just there on the preview day, some stuff was still being set up, I can only imagine what the weekend will be like). We did manage to find @dakmh right near the end, check out his birdhouses, and chat. Anyone in the Bay Area who might still be on the fence about going… just go. I spent a little over five hours driving there and back, for just over four hours of show… and it was worth it.


The videos are great but what I liked most was your enthusiasm after seeing a live Glowforge. Can’t wait for the next GF talk show!


Ding, ding, ding!!!

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Here is what I managed to capture of the Glowforge while @rebecca was recording her video above. last little bit of engraving, cutting, removal.

I apologize for not shooting more… I thought I was recording the whole thing. I failed.:worried::rage::flushed::sob:


Grrr only makes me more anxious as I wait until relase !! Was that 1/8 proofgrade material? Very envious of those of you that made it to the event, but thanks for filming and getting commentary back to the forum !! Hopefully Summer flies by… ( and improvments and hopper ideas come to fruition.) ! Safe and happy weekend fellow GF members!


The picture is so tiny it looked like Gordon Ramsay to me ;D


Thanks for the update. I am ready to destroy some materials, maybe make a few things in the process.


Thanks for the Spy Mission Rebecca, nice to see it finally in action. Makes me want December to come so quickly.


Gosh, that was great! So, the software traced your printed design? It did a really good job. And I thought they were not planning to print in high resolution for these demos, but your print looks like high resolution. Is it?


A little context about the logo that @rebecca got engraved. That was from a print out that she made from a PDF I sent her about an hour before she left. That’s pretty impressive that came from a vectored file that was printed (not sure if it was a inkjet or laser printer) to an engraved object. Pretty cool. Pretty cool.

So pumped for Maker Faire NYC.


I printed the logo on a laser printer. :upside_down:

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Ooooooo, great side shot! It was great to meet you too! :vulcan:


My partner and I were both really impressed as well. The design and build quality are impressive, and it looks very much like a real and actual product (as opposed to a rough prototype cobbled together to keep anxious investors at bay). We also got to meet @dan and several other members of the team, and offered both our thanks and congratulations. The decision to delay must have been gut-wrenching, and we all want our machines yesterday… but they made the tough call to take the time to build a better product. As a future Glowforge owner, I’m grateful for the design decision to take more time to get the power supply exactly right (instead of having a machine that could potentially have serious problems down the road).

We got there early enough this morning to be able to catch the demo on the Make: Live stage, and I was that guy who filmed it with his phone (we have friends who don’t live local who’ve also pre-ordered, plus we figured some of you may also be interested).

The video was shot in 4K, but so far Youtube is only showing it in 360p. Hopefully as it gets time to process the clip you’ll see options to watch in higher resolution.

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Ha! It took me a minute to realize why @dan was talking like that, until I saw the little pint sized kiddo! How cool - doesn’t get much simpler than that! Can’t wait to see it tomorrow!

Thanks for recording this - great job!


Sorry. Found your video on youtube and posted it on another topic a couple minutes before you did. Will go back and reference your Glowforge name.


Dan’s a great speaker and presenter, and I think his experience as a dad helped him keep things engaging for Brooke (the little girl) as well as the adults.

No worries, @rpegg!


Do you have a verified YouTube account? Trivial to verify, but you don’t get full resolution or over 15 minutes unless you verify (haven’t tried to watch video yet to see if it is long enough to answer my own question…)

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Yes I do, it just that as expected… it takes them time to finish processing longer clips. It’s showing at 2160p now.