My Trip to the Glowforge Booth at Bay Area Maker Faire



@dan, in the video, cutting out the horse, you cut wood first, and then opened the lid, took out the wood, put in acrylic, repositioned the image, and cut again. Is there anyway to cut from more than one type of product at once? Like, putting wood, acrylic, glass, etc, in the bed at the same time, positioning the image where you want over each, and have the glowforge recognize each material separately, and cut appropriately? Or would seeing all the different proofgrade materials in the bed at once confuse it, and ultimately end up cutting them wrong?


This is awesome. Thank you so much @rebecca! Hope you have a great time.

Can’t wait for the post show @karaelena. The show is great. Thanks for letting me sit in on one.




I’m a bit concerned about the amount of smoke and the flair up at the end. Do these machines have air assist and was it turned on?


Awesome! Thanks! I’ve watched this too, but must’ve missed/forgotten this part.


Yep. Built in.


@dan may correct me, but I think I heard him saying that air assist was not turned on.


If air assist was on during that clip I have concerns, because almost the entire point of air assist is to prevent flames like those visible in that clip.


Thanks for sharing.

It is entirely possible that I have missed the appropriate thread … but, does the brochure in your images feature the “GF Pro”, filter enclosure and pass through slot in situ???


Dan is so good with kids! Thanks to everyone sharing photos and videos and experiences with those of us who couldn’t go. I got excited watching the videos and demos, and don’t feel like I missed out on the fun entirely. Glad everyone had a good time.


I enjoyed seeing what I could at the crowded Glowforge Booth at the Bay Area Maker Faire. The examples being displayed at the booth were impressive. The precision cutting and etching/engraving on the examples was great. I’m looking forward to making my project ideas real, instead of becoming a technician for another fidgety device.


Thank you, Glowforgers, for your dedication to bringing us phenomenal cosmic power. It was so much fun meeting the ones of you I got to meet!

I’m sorry to have missed other forum peeps, but I made it home with the 5 year old, so wooo!


Great selfie with Dan!! So bummed I didn’t bump into you at the booth.

Glad you found your 5 year-old. :slight_smile: I guess losing children at a Maker Faire is quite common. They even had wristband trackers for kids. I found a crying child at the Faire and helped her find her mom. I was shocked at how many people just walked by…maybe crying children is common too? :upside_down:


What a terrifying experience for a child in a large crowd in an unknown location to feel abandoned. I’m a grandfather but can still remember the trauma of that experience as a child.
Good on you girl!


You always try to help the child but it is a tough situation for an adult male. You can imagine if a mother looks over and sees some guy taking their child by the hand. Even though they’re just trying to find mommy. It’s obviously easy if someone with authority is nearby or if you are with another person.


it’s sad but such is the world we live in. I remember almost getting in trouble keeping a little girl from drowning in the water cause her parents weren’t paying attention.


I’ve heard this story somewhere, now I wonder if you have told it somewhere else like Quara or if this has happened enough to have more than one person with the same experience?


Thanks to the customer support team, I’ve been able to create a separate account from the one my partner @BlakOpal has - I’m @trilo, the one who shot and posted the video from Saturday’s demo at Maker Faire. We went back on Sunday and I grabbed some additional footage, just to show what the lasers looked like as they were printing.

It’s worth pointing out that both of these units were running nearly non-stop and all day. As we chatted with @dan and Ken and a couple others at the booth, we watched several different visitors getting pieces engraved and cut, and the software performed pretty flawlessly. I didn’t shoot closeups on the UI/laptop screens, since they weren’t really facing forward and it wasn’t clear whether that was intended for public consumption (I’ve done enough software testing in my day to want to respect anything they considered pre-release). But there didn’t appear to be any hiccups or emergency moments, everything appeared to be working as expected.

Visitors seemed to really be enjoying making a thing out of something they designed (doodling or scribbling on the backing, and then having the laser scan that to create the piece that was engraved/cut). That kind of use is close to @BlakOpal and my own hearts, as inviting arty/creative friends over for laser nights is high on the list of things we’re interested in doing with Glowforge.

Thanks again to everyone on the team, not just for all the attention to detail on making a great tool, but in taking the time to participate in Maker Faire.


In that situation I will stop the closest female and ask them to take care of the child or accompany me as we find the closest appropriate place to leave the child. I’ll keep stopping women until someone helps. It’s a shocking indictment on today’s society that a male has to do that, but there you go, better safe than sorry.


That’s a lovely album, @elrond! It deserves its own thread!

(And for those wondering - my brother is a frequent guest singer with Pink Martini)