My wife, rockin' the bracelets

I have been having problems with every single piece of proof grade that I have ordered in the past three months. Are used to hold down pins but it doesn’t always cut through no matter how flat I get it! It’s very frustrating to waste product that you have to spend money on :pensive:

Are you aware that proofgrade is guaranteed? If that’s your material, they guarantee that pg settings will work.
(Contact support and they will probably check logs for your project before replacing)


I am in the same boat. I’ve been actually changing the power to 100 precision power instead of full power (not the same) and doing 2 passes. It looks much better. Less kerf width.


Where did you get the premade part of cord bracelets? I’ve been searching online and cannot seem to find sets like that. I’d like to make similar bracelets but also want to experiment with acrylics and heating it to curve it. I’ve found lots of cord necklaces and bracelets, but none with the loop like that specifically designed to hold both sides of a tag/bauble. Thanks!

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if you want to make your own with bulk paracord, try searching for “cord end caps” or “double cord end caps”.

searching “bracelet findings” might also give you other ideas.

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