Naddpod Fold-out Dice Tower

The quarantine has finally stuck me at home long enough to get to my backlog of Glowforge projects.

I’ve been experimenting with improving my technique for turning existing images into 3D engrave reliefs. I’ve also been wanting to make a fanart gift for the Not Another D & D Podcast crew. So I set about doing both!

(FYI, all engraving is done on Baltic Birth 1/8" ply. I know, not ideal, but comparatively SOO much cheaper than hardwoods.)

So I’ve learned to seperate out a foreground and background, to make things feel like they have physical shape (I spent a lot of time finetuning Hardwon’s muscles), how to handle outlines in existing cartoon artwork (don’t go as dark as the background) and when extra shading just confuses things or creates noise.

Once that was done, I adapted the designs onto @jeffbowman 's Fold-out dice box (and dice tower), with the version using @dan 's serrated tabs but tweaked a bit. First, to match the comparatively thinner plywood I was using, which allowed me to use my favorite wild-colored ultra dyes, and second I extended the tabs on the front and slapped on extra side panels for a quick and dirty solution to cover all the tabs sticking our from the inner workings.

The result:

The artwork is all adapted from Caldwell’s renderings of their own promo materials. Each box has one of the three main characters at the front, with the other two on the sides. I plan to send it to them, along with a note saying I’ll make Murph a DM screen if he tells me what he wants on it.

Next I’m going to finalize the Drawfee fan boxes that hold Wacom styluses I’ve been dreaming of for a long time. Julia’s is in progress, I’ll post when I’m done with them.


Nice work, I really like how they look on the towers!


Love the way they look and the colors are amazing!

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Those look great. I love listening to their podcast. They fit together so well.

So vivid! I really like how those came out.

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Looks great

Great work on your images, and really loving the Ultra Dyes on the towers.