Name badges for my organization

I’m looking for a basic outline that I can customize to make name badges for my organization. I’m a new owner and excited to see what I can do. I’ll be using the proofgrade acrylic for them

Try these.


Have you considered any programs to design with? An outline is about as basic as you can get. Any outline you can imagine would take mere seconds in a program like Inkscape. It’s something you will want to take on yourself to really open up the possibilities.


Like I said I’m brand new. What programs?

Cuttle - the one @bwente linked - is great and free up to 5 designs, then paid.
Inkscape - the one @beerfaced mentioned - is the one :glowforge: uses for all their demonstrations and is free.
There are literally hundreds of programs out there - generally the advice is to use what you’re familiar with, but if you’ve literally never used any sort of art program and you’ve got an actual computer I’d start with one of those two. If you’re phone or tablet only there are apps that can be recommended.


Yeah there are many. I personally use Inkscape. It has a bit of a learning curve but there are tons of good videos that teach you how to use it on YouTube and many people here can help you out if you get in a bind. It’s a free download and will really open up possibilities for you with the laser.


Along with Inkscape that makes vector lines very well but has trouble with rasters (like photographs) the GIMP program is the perfect match as it is very strong in manipulating rasters but limited in vectors, Both are free and worth a lot just learning those. There are all sorts of YT videos to get you going in those.

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