Nation Alice Cream Day 7/16

The time is almost upon us again. Here is a quick jig and design for 1.25x2" wooden keychains (sorry, don’t have the link, but I got them on Amazon). Thanking Ronald Reagan, who, in 1984, decreed there should be (another?) National Ice Cream Day. My friend, Alice, renamed it and this is our 4th annual Nation Alice Cream Crawl. We will hit 10 different local Ice Cream Shoppes. Anyone finishing 6 or more with us will win one of these keychains. The jig is in red, ignore all other steps. Then add keychains and ignore the Cut and the 2nd Engrave (the Happy part). Then move keychains to the right 2 columns and run only the 2nd engrave. And obviously, change any text to suit your group. If you decide to print them from our group, but make your own crawl, send me a pic or your wacky escapades. (if you don’t think you will be “wacky” after 6 to 10 servings of ice cream, you are sorely mistaken)

IceCream.pdf (422.6 KB)


What a fun project! Kind of like a road rally. Have a great day eating ice cream!


I wish I could be a participant in this delicious tradition. Thanks for the share.


What fun!

Adding the link to last years (for those that might have missed it): National Ice Cream Day (a day late)


Side note: Depending on your keychains, you may need to add a notch at one end of the jig cuts. I just added a .4in circle to the left edges. This allowed the keychain fastener to be recessed and helped the wooden parts lay flatter.
I think they came out fine.