Native American style flute


First Native American style flute from a glowforge I think :slightly_smiling_face:

I plan on making a YouTube video for my channel this weekend

Forgot to mention I think it sounds quite nice :+1:

Laser flute YouTube link
DIY Laser Cut Violin

Very cool! Great idea.:sunglasses:


Cool! Never heard one! Should be interesting… :grinning:


First complete musical instrument of any kind, actually! That looks like fun, I’d like to make one. Well done!


I can’t remember, was the pirate band’s new drum only partially glowforged?


Forgot about that one, and I don’t know! @julybighouse?


Of course, the first brass instrument… :glowforge: 8.0???


Hey guys! thanks for the tag (still catching up from posts from last Friday!)

I don’t think I can claim making a COMPLETE instrument using only the Laser. That was certainly the intent, but dimensions of the the largest pieces meant that I would have had to break up the cuts on each side, and I needed sub-mm accuracy and I just couldn’t get it consistently enough.

That being said, the laser was HEAVILY used and was responsible for nearly everything on the instrument. It cut the template that was used to make the box joints for all the sides, it cut the sound hole, and did the engraving for the front and side faces. I would say about 80% of that build was either done on the GF or was accomplished because of the GF.

Here are the posts in question: Cajon made with a Glowforge


If you go to my channel I have already made a few with standard woodworking methods :grin:


Woot I kinda thought so but I wanted someone else to say it was the first :japanese_ogre:


I know I can’t claim it, though I did try, I’m happy to see you take that one. :smiley:


Opps sorry :slightly_smiling_face:


No worries!