I felt the need to have something for my kraken to play with so I dug up this design. I took a few tries with it deciding what should be a score line and what should be an actual cut. This one still has a few fragile pieces. I think the hardwood was probably a bit more fragile for the parts like the propeller blade than plywood would have been. I’ll probably also reduce the power for the score lines by half next time.

Weekly Highlights for the week of 18-DEC-16

I was going to make a '80s drug war ‘kraken kills’ joke but decided the better of it.


Outstanding! :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, that’s sharp! :relaxed:


Thank you for just saying no


That’s a superlative submarine!


Something for the kitchen to play with? That is cool…but I never get a chance to play in the kitchen. That is great toy, nice job! - Rich


So cooooool! now we just have to mount a motor on there, and a harpoon launcher, and some air tanks, some supplies, crew, …


Delightful! Every kraken should have a good toy to keep it occupied.


How do you decide between a score and a cut? What factors do you consider?


Nice!!! Way to get “Kracken” !


Very nice indeed!!!


Think it would work to remake these out of acrylic and put them in the bottom of an aquarium?


I mostly go with structural first, then style after that. Still trying to decide things like should the windows be cutouts instead of just score lines. Originally I had cut out the sections around the nose, but it was too weak.


I think I may have to do that :slight_smile:


You guys are “Kraken” me up…