Neat little video on improving engrave contrast


Yep, I have had good luck with India ink and inkjet printer refills.


Why didn’t you make me watch this last night! I just finished some trophies and the only thing I didn’t like about them was the name engravings on the walnut base.I definitely needed this technique. Thanks!




I just looked up Trans Tint trying to find it in Canada and turns out it’s a liquid analine dye. Leevalley carries analine stains made from analine dyes here in Canada and I’m sure they’re available in the States too. They are usually a little cheaper as no liquid to ship, usually powder, and it’s easy to mix up your own. Here’s some on Amazon


Have a friend that uses a nebulizer? They will have these at every use. Perfect for one use and throw away of dye or epoxy etc or use the Glowforge to make your own caps for them


I have tons of fun finding things to mix with epoxy for woodturning projects. (Cinnamon, coffee, peppercorns…). When I start engraving… someday… I can’t wait to see what I can do to make my work “pop” using this kind of technique.

(I wonder how well food coloring would work…)


Bookmarked. I’m amazed that that didn’t bleed because of the wetting effect of the alcohol. Definitely going to try this.


I am going to experiment with this as I work with alcohol ink which is reeeeeeeeeeeally all that is. Your finish that you lay on will have to not be effected by alcohol. I will assume that this would need to be a solvent or oil based finish and not a waterbased one… I actually have stuff already cut and the proofgrade I will try it out in a few because I would love to know too.


Any idea how the surface coat is applied or even what it is?


This is really great. Have you tried with regular diluted black ink?


“Ugh back to the store I guess, no one told me I would need to pick up 20 other hobby craft supplies for my laser cutter. :stuck_out_tongue:

One can NEVER have too many craft supplies wahahahahaha


Old thread, but it seemed worth reviving! I’ve successfully used the “vinegaroon*” mix to do this, as well. You can see the results on my Catan hexes.

*(vinegar plus #000 steel wool, let it sit for a few days, then use it for aging wood or dying leather grey / black)



I never thought it would happen. I think there should be a badge for it!


Of all the techy/crafty toys I have bought — no one warned me it NEEDED all these extra essentials … Silhouette cutting machine, 3D printer (and that it would soon have a brother and a close cousin because they don’t print as fast as you think…all that filament! and of course the new kids on the block don’t use the same size filament)… and then enters the Glowforge …


@rubbersoul79 alcohol inks?!!! oh where oh where did I stash all those Tim Holtz alcohol inks??? If you have any handy, can I get a peek at what you have done with them?


I had read somewhere some whining between the top readers on the forum that early forum pioneers have read posts that are no longer available, so the newer users can’t catch up completely. I’m not sure how that could happen and I’m nowhere close to getting there. :wink:


WAY cool. Thank you for sharing.


This is very similar to my technique for cnc engraving painting.


There were a bunch of posts about error messages in ordering a Glowforge and asking for refunds and odds and ends. Those disappeared. I hadn’t quite gotten OCD about posts yet. Let them go man, let them go.