Need a drink? Mini saloon HO Scale

Built this for my train set but thought it may make a fun little gift as you could change the sign to say anything.

The main structure is .125” Birch plywood and the doors, window trim, furniture, etc. are .06” Basswood. I also used a .125”x.125” Basswood strip for the boarder around the top of the building and .06” x .06” Basswood strips to hold up the awning. And a .125” wood dowel for the chimney. You could just cut those though. The figures and barrel are HO Scale - available at hobby shops.

Pretty cool “off the table” but if you paint it, it’s easiest to paint the pieces before glueing them together. The .06” Basswood warps very, very quickly when painted so glue those immediately after paint is applied (or color with chalk/pastels). If ya don’t want to make the furniture (it is kind of tuff), just glue the roof on.

Treehouse Saloon


thanks! I will have to try this one!

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Needs a shot of redeye! Nice work. I so admire folks who can do such detail like this.


Adorable—thank you so much!

This one will inspire me to give it a try. Thank you so much.

Wow! This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Wow, this evokes a wonderful scene! Thank you for sharing so generously.

That right there is great work.

I love your little buildings!

Very cool

Thank you so very much for the file.

Thank you! I love that you are sharing all these designs! They are amazing!

Great photography! Very appealing.

So generous of you to share the designs! Really nice photos of assembly and final set up too.

Another super cool building and THANK YOU for sharing the design. I’ll have a whole room full of these I won’t know what to do with!

You buy a train set, of course!

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I would give you a hundred <3 if I could! I love this!

I think it would be great if we could all go in there and have a dang drink.

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This is awesome! You’re very right, looks great right off the laser, but wow when you add paint! Awesome job!

Truly awesome. The only problem is having to order 87 times as many drinks as you would anywhere else.

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